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July 2023 System Updates - Planning Power Bi Integration, Reporting on Filtered Items & Sustainability Units of Measurement
July 2023 System Updates - Planning Power Bi Integration, Reporting on Filtered Items & Sustainability Units of Measurement
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In this update, we're excited to showcase the various updates across the Planning, Control & Sustainability modules. For details on our previous updates and releases, check out the System Updates section of our Help Centre

As always, if you have any questions regarding any of our updates, please feel free to reach out to the team at [email protected]

Planning Module:

Power BI Integration for Projects and Tasks:

  • The Power BI integration now includes Projects and Tasks, providing enhanced visualisation, reporting and analytics capabilities

Edit Fields via Task Details Modal in Gantt:

  • Users can now conveniently edit the following fields directly through the task details modal within the Gantt View:

    • Task Title

    • Department

    • Owner

    • Milestone Type

Hub - Interactive Gantt Updates:

  • Users who are part of a HUB Planning Site can now see interactive Gantt chart updates for improved project visualization and management.

Control Module Improvements:

Filter for archived items:

  • The ability to archive and report on Jobs, Risk & Incidents has been introduced for advanced filtering options & efficient data management.

Save Dashboard Layouts for Control:

  • Users can now save and customise dashboard layouts within the Control Module, enhancing personalised data views.


Relative Time/ID Option in Sort/Edit Modal:

  • We've now included the option to display Relative Time/ID in the sort/edit modal for incidents and logs list, aiding in data sorting.

UI Enhancements in Full Incident Add Modal:

  • Reordered Headline Status and Description for improved usability in the Full Incident Add Modal.


New Response Type - Numerical in Checklists:

  • Added 'Numerical' as a response type option within checklists, allowing for numerical input and tracking.

Revamped Jobs List Interface:

  • Replaced the "Completed" tab in Jobs list with a "Show Completed" toggle in each tab, simplifying task tracking.

Sustainability Modules Updates:

Organisations Addition to Frameworks:

  • Enabled the addition of organizations to existing frameworks within the Sustainability Module, enhancing organisational management for growing portfolios.

Resource Attachments for Organizations:

  • Introduced the ability to set up attachments/documents in settings, displaying them for respective organizations within the module.

Indicator Updates Summary Widget:

  • Implemented an updates summary widget for indicators, providing a quick overview of recent changes.

Sustainability Units of Measurement:

  • Restructured Sustainability Units of Measurement for improved organization and clarity.

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