Gantt Saved Views
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Through the Gantt chart page, you have the option to create saved views - allowing different stakeholders and groups in your organisation to have a preferred view when visiting this page.

The option to create a saved view within the Gantt Chart will appear when changes are applied to the view. This includes changes to the filters, adding of columns, as well as changes to the general options which are visible within the Gantt page.

Creating a saved view / Updating an existing saved view

Once a change has been made to the Gantt, the option to save the view will appear at the top like so;

By clicking on 'Save Gantt View' - you can either

  • Update previously saved views by selecting the view you'd like to amend

  • Or enter a new title to create a new view

By clicking 'Save as Suggestion view for other users' - this view will then become public for anyone to click on and see the contents. Please note that confidential projects will not appear unless the user has access to them.

Once Saved, the views that have been created will appear in an alphabetical list format to choose from;

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