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November 2023 System Updates - WeTrack Rebrand, Jobs Scheduling & Gantt Inline Editing
November 2023 System Updates - WeTrack Rebrand, Jobs Scheduling & Gantt Inline Editing
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As we look towards the end of the year, we're excited to showcase our exciting new product branding, as well as some great updates across our different modules. For details on our previous updates and releases, check out the System Updates section of our Help Centre

As always, if you have any questions regarding any of our updates, please feel free to reach out to the team at [email protected]

Please note these updates will be live from the 15th of November

WeTrack Rebranding

We are thrilled to announce a significant update to our product that will align WeTrack with the Momentus Technologies Brand. We’re really excited to be enhancing the look and feel of the product, whilst still providing the same features you know and love. Below are a few questions you may have and what it means;

  • Why did WeTrack change the branding and look of the product?
    If you haven't heard the exciting news, WeTrack became a part of the Momentus Technologies family in April 2023! More info on this here. We’re really excited to be a part of the team and take the WeTrack journey to new heights. To align our product with the Momentus branding, we’re undergoing a facelift, whilst still keeping the features you know and love.

  • Is the product changing?
    The color scheme and product name have changed to align with the Momentus brand, however the features and functionality you use regularly will remain the same.

  • Will my login URL change?
    The login URL is not changing at this time.

  • Will any existing integrations with be affected by the rebrand?
    No. Integrations and APIs will not be affected by the rebrand.

  • Will emails delivered from the product include the new brand?
    Yes! They will align with the look and feel you see within the product.

  • Will login page include the new brand?

    Yes, the login page will align with the branding you see within the product.

  • I have questions about the rebrand, who should I contact?
    Contact us here and we will be happy to help.

Planning Module

Login Page

To make it easier to move between the active modules you have access to in your account, we've also updated left side navigation bar. Now, you'll be able to quickly click on the modules you have access to and see the related pages underneath.

Navigation Bar

Control Module

Job scheduling

With this release comes an exciting change to how jobs can be scheduled. Now, through the settings, you’ll be able to schedule repetitive jobs by the following frequencies;

  • Regular (EG: Monthly, Weekly, Daily)

  • Custom (EG: 1st, 5th & 20th of December)

By scheduling these jobs on an on-going basis for your organisation, you can be rest assured that jobs and checks will be created on the dates allocated, and the right team members will be notified of them. More details here

Planning Module

We are thrilled to introduce a new feature within the planning module: the ability to edit tasks directly within the Gantt view. This update empowers you with flexibility and efficiency in managing your task titles as well as their start and due dates through one, visual view

More details here.

Sustainability Module

We're delighted to add an additional widget to the venue summary page, showcasing the total contributions of what is being tracked by the venue, for example; total volunteer hours logged, total electricity updated.

Resolved Issues


  • The Framework title is now showing in the relevant indicator details page

  • There is now the ability to delete indicators from the indicator template page

  • Dashboard widget and units of measurement settings area are now translated

Planning & Risk

  • The task group name now does not revert back to the previous name after a refresh

  • Text formatting tools in add risk/task modal now functions as expected


  • All checklists will now show in the jobs settings

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