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The Venue/Organisation Page Explained
The Venue/Organisation Page Explained
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If you work for a venue group that is using the Sustainability module, the venue page should be where you are able to track progress on the indicators assigned to your team, make updates and add additional information to showcase how you're doing on other CSR/Sustainability Topics.

Once you are in the Venue Summary Page, you'll see various sections such as;


Here you will see details such as the location of the venue, website and any Tags associated with the site - for example, type of venue, General Manager etc.


  • Indicator Summary: This shows the number of indicators tracked by the venue, the status across all, and a percentage of how many indicators are on track based on their last update

Updates Summary

This gives an indication of how many updates are due overall how up to date the venue is with the updates that are due. By clicking on the 'View Updates' text under the different sections, you'll see a list of what the number depicted is referring to.

Latest Indicator Updates

This shows a list of recent updates that have been added to the system along with who added the update, what indicator it refers to and how long ago the update was made

Other Venue Updates (Coming Soon!)

This will show any files or repositories that have been uploaded by the central team of your organisation to showcase best practises, training materials etc.

% On Track in Frameworks

As venues can be a part of different pillars, frameworks or goals, this is the section which will show how up to date the team for this venue is across the different objectives -

Top Categories

This will show a leader board of what categories the venue is most up to date with, verses what categories need more updates.

Total Indicators

This will show your venues contribution total contribution for the indicators you and your team are tracking. EG: Total Volunteer hours, Total Energy, Total Ticket Contributions.



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