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January 2023 System Updates - New Planning Dashboard, Converting an Incident into a Job & Sustainability Updates
January 2023 System Updates - New Planning Dashboard, Converting an Incident into a Job & Sustainability Updates
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Happy New Year! As we plan out our development priorities for the year, we're excited to showcase some exciting changes across our different modules. For details on our previous updates and releases, check out the System Updates section of our Help Centre

As always, if you have any questions regarding any of our updates, please feel free to reach out to the team at [email protected]


We're excited to launch a newer version of the planning dashboard, which allows you to drag and drop widgets into different sections of the page as well as having a 3 or 2 widget layout.

Planning Dashboard

Based on customer feedback, we've added new widgets into the planning dashboard as well, giving a better overview of how your tasks, projects and risks are performing.

The new additional widgets include;

  • General Risk Heatmap

  • Risk Heatmap Impact Type

  • Project Overview (with filtering options to see specific options)

  • Milestones due this month

  • Overdue Milestones

Gantt Updates

After some recent user interviews, we've learned more about how our users are interacting with the Gantt and using it for quick updates, as well as presenting on progress across the different projects that are being worked on. With this in mind, we've added the ability to add the following as columns, so the information is visible in the Gantt view

  • Number of days before a milestones or tasks is due

  • Ability to add the baseline dates in the Gantt view

  • Show tags that have been added at a project and task level.

These can be added (as well as other options) through the right side control bar, and saved as a personal view to come back to;


As we further enhance our frameworks and indicator tracking within our Sustainability module, we've added some small but important updates to help you keep track of your data. This includes

  • New Report Templates - Within the reporting section we have added some new templated reports to help with compiling the data

  • Weekly email summaries - For those that are responsible for adding indicator updates, they will now receive a summary of what is upcoming, due and overdue;


As we have more usage of our Jobs functionality, there is a need to separate out the management of Jobs being created (EG: Broken Chair, Taps not working) to Incidents being raised (EG: Fire Incident).

With this in mind, we have created the ability to convert an Incident into a Job, so if a Job is raised in error, it can easily be transitioned into the correct queue

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