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RAG Status Calculation for Projects, Task Groups, Departments, as well as Tasks with Sub-Tasks
RAG Status Calculation for Projects, Task Groups, Departments, as well as Tasks with Sub-Tasks

How WeTrack calculates rags for things like projects, task groups, & departments based on task RAG status.

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RAG Status of Items in WeTrack Planning Module

RAG status is the key metric for evaluating the status of an item in WeTrack. In the planning module, RAG status is updated on a task by task basis, either manually or automatically based on preset rules. The RAG status of all other items (projects, task groups, etc) is the calculated based on the RAG status of underlying tasks. This calculation happens dynamically, and automatically. RAG status for items other than tasks (or sub-tasks) cannot be controlled manually.

RAG Status Calculation

The RAG status of items such as Projects, Task Groups, etc is calculated based on the values of the underlying tasks. The status of these higher level items is not dependant on filtering, so all tasks are considered even when a filter may restrict the view of some items. Each task is assigned a numerical value based on its RAG. The values are as follows:

  • Grey - 0

  • Red - 1

  • Amber - 2

  • Green - 3

  • Blue - 4

When calculating the RAG status for a higher level item such as a project, the following calculations are then made and rules applied:

  • Firstly, Grey tasks are always ignored from the calculation, with two exceptions:

    • When ALL tasks are Grey, overall RAG must show as Grey.

    • When ONLY Grey and Blue tasks exist, the overall RAG must be GREEN.

  • The value of each remaining underlying task is added, based on the scoring listed above.

  • This total is then divided by the total number of tasks with Red, Amber, Green or Blue status.

  • The resulting figure then uses the scale below to display the overall RAG status for the higher level item:

    • 1 - 1.99 = Red

    • 2 - 2.99 = Amber

    • 3 - 3.99 = Green

    • 4 = Blue

Task / Sub-Task RAG interaction

Task RAGs are static and only change subject to automatic RAG rule updates or manual user updates, unless the task has sub-tasks. When a task has sub-tasks, the following rules apply:

  • Task RAG is an overall RAG of all its sub-task RAGs, using usual Overall RAG calculation above

  • Automatic RAG updates are not applied to Parent Tasks, only to their Sub-Tasks

  • When calculating the parent task RAG from its children, Blue RAGs are ignored unless all there are only Grey and Blue sub-tasks.

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