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Viewing all information around a sustainability indicator

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Indicators are the things to be tracked within the sustainability module, such as 'Monthly Carbon Emissions'. As part of creating an indicator, you create targets to be achieved at fixed points in the future, and the frequency at which you will track towards them.

All information about an Indicator, including the ability to make updates and add comments, can be found in the Indicator Details Page.

At the top of the Indicator Details Page, you will find crucial headline information about the indicator's last and next update. If an update is due, you will be informed here.

You'll also see a performance summary, giving a high level overview of the latest updates and their status.

To the right of the page, you will find a series of tabs that offer more information about the Indicator:


Here, you will find all inputted detail about the indicator, including owner(s), department(s), & category

  • Importance . Here you will see if a priority has been added to an indicator

  • Owners. In this section you can see who has been added to manage and take responsibility for that indicator.

  • Department. If a department, functional area or team have been added to the indicator, you'll see the list here.

Tracking Details

  • Expect Direction. Here you will see if the updates added are expected to increase or decrease over time

  • Event. If you are tracking this indicator for a specific event, it will show here

  • Update Type. This will either be 'Numeric' (ie. adding updates in volumne or numbers, for example), or say 'Pass/Fail'

  • Unit. If the Indicator is set up to be numeric, it will show what unit is being measured here, EG: Currency, or Hours

  • Frequency. This is the expected frequency of updates, EG: 1 month, 3 months

  • Start & End Date. When the starts and finishes


  • Targets. In this tab you will see a focused view of your targets and whether you have achieved them yet.

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