Indicators are the things to be tracked within the sustainability module, such as 'Monthly Carbon Emissions'. As part of creating an indicator, you create targets to be achieved at fixed points in the future, and the frequency at which you will track towards them.

All information about an Indicator, including the ability to make updates and add comments, can be found in the Indicator Details Page.

At the top of the Indicator Details Page, you will find crucial headline information about the indicator's last and next update. If an update is due, you will be informed here.

Below, you will find a series of tabs that offer more information about the Indicator:

  • Details. Here, you will find all inputted detail about the indicator, including owner(s), department(s), category, UN SDG, targets and tracking details, and the description.

  • Progress. Here you will see the progress of the indicator in both chart and list form, based on the updates that you have previously given.

  • Targets. In this tab you will see a focused view of your targets and whether you have achieved them yet.

  • Linked Items. If you use WeTrack's planning module, you can link indicators to relevant tasks, sub-tasks, risks, issues or opportunities.

  • Attachments. Here you can attach any supporting documentation to your indicator.

  • Checklist. If this indicator requires a checklist of actions to be completed for each update, you can select, create or view that checklist here.

  • History. Here, you can see the complete audit history of the indicator, and view and add any comments for your team-mates.

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