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How to create an indicator in WeTrack

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Indicators are the things to be tracked within the sustainability module, such as 'Monthly Carbon Emissions'. As part of creating an indicator, you create targets to be achieved at fixed points in the future, and the frequency at which you will track towards them.

Indicators can be added in bulk using WeTrack's Import Manager. To add individual indicators within the system, click 'Add Indicator' at the top of the Indicator List, or click the blue 'Add' button in the top right-hand corner of any page. This will bring up the Add Indicator modal.

First, create the title of the Indicator you want to track. Assign any indicator category, priority level, United Nations Sustainable Development Goal and further description.

Next, assign the owner(s) and / or department(s) responsible for this indicator. You can also assign any Tags to further classify the information.

Finally, decide how the indicator will be tracked. Choose whether the indicator is Numeric (with values to be inputted), or just a Pass or Fail. If Numeric, choose the Unit of Measurement, and then select the frequency and dates at which the indicator should be tracked.

The owner of the indicator will be notified whenever an update is due.

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