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Updates 14th of July: Retention of applied preferences & Gantt updates
Updates 14th of July: Retention of applied preferences & Gantt updates
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Due to high system usage over the coming weeks, this will be the last set of updates until early September. We're using this time to working on system optimization, enhancements to our Sustainability Module, as well as getting ready to release our Jobs/Tasks Management functionality. For details on our previous updates and releases, check out the System Updates section of our Help Centre

As always, if you have any questions regarding any of our updates, please feel free to reach out to the team at [email protected]

Control Module

Retention of applied preferences

We've introduced further updates regarding retention of applied searches & settings to the control module, meaning less clicks when navigating to different items. This includes;

  • Retaining search bar results when clicking in and out of items

  • Retain the number of items preference when looking at a list view

  • Retain RAG setting filter and toggles when clicking in and out of items

This is work that has been continued on from the filters retention improvements that was outlined in our previous release.

Quick sorting options within the incident list

We have now added multiple options to the 'Sort List' button, to enable quick sorting of the page

Planning Updates

Overdue number of days appearing on Gantt view

If a task or milestone hasn't been marked as complete, the Gantt view will now show the number of days it is now overdue -

The Rest

  • We've made various enhancements to the user groups feature, including showing which groups the user belongs to within their profile page

  • There have been some styling improvements to the headline status field within the control module to support longer pieces of text

  • Those that do not have access to certain incidents are unable to see the documents within the document manager. We have also added a field to show what item the file relates to.

  • In Risk reports, the "Department" filter was showing as "Risk Venue", this has now been updated to show the correct field

  • There were reported issues of certain reports not showing in the 'Shared By Me' or 'Shared with Me' tab - this has now been resolved.

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