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Updates 30th of June: Additional Confidentiality Types, External Users Receiving Reports & Auto-Save Checklist Responses
Updates 30th of June: Additional Confidentiality Types, External Users Receiving Reports & Auto-Save Checklist Responses
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As we get ready to release our new Jobs/Task Management functionality within the Control module, we're excited to deploy other updates today particularly helping those that are getting ready for operations/event days. For details on our previous updates and releases, check out the System Updates section of our Help Centre

As always, if you have any questions regarding any of our updates, please feel free to reach out to the team at [email protected]

Control Updates

Increase of confidentiality types to 10

Previously set to 3, there is now the ability to set up to 10 different confidentiality types within the Control module. This should allow for better flexibility when raising incidents, where different departments/teams are inputting sensitive data.

To find out more about confidentiality types and how they relate to permissions, please see this guide.

Auto-save checklists (also applies to checklist within Readiness)

To save time and decrease the number of clicks when answering a checklist, we've made the free text auto-response autosave once a user clicks away from the text box.


External Users to receive reports

If you have contractors, senior management or temporary staff who don't need a login to the WeTrack system, but that would benefit from receiving reports, there is now the option to set them up as external users who can receive reports directly from the system.

This can be achieved by adding them through the report scheduling modal (pictured below). Once added, they will appear in the external users dropdown going forward.

The Rest

  • A warning will now appear to users that are logged in with Single Sign On when they are signing out, to let the know that they will need to close all browser windows if they'd like to completely sign out of SSO (as opposed to just signing out of WeTrack)

  • A User Groups column has been added to the user import, so its easier to determine which groups a user belongs to when being imported to the system

  • We received feedback that when raising an incident or log via the quick add function, users noticed that the whole title text was automatically highlighted when editing,making them lose some of their work. This doesn't happen anymore

  • Phone numbers are being accepted new when a user is activating a new user account with MFA enabled.

  • The Update Due toggle in Sustainability is now showing the correct number of indicators

  • Adding the extra row of 'Description' in an Actions(risks and issues) Reports doesn't now throw an error.

  • We have removed the need to populate the item number when importing tasks through the excel.

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