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Updates 7th of June 2022: Kanban Board, Zone/Venue Updates & Run Sheet Excel Export
Updates 7th of June 2022: Kanban Board, Zone/Venue Updates & Run Sheet Excel Export
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We are excited to release various changes across our different modules today. For details on our previous updates and releases, check out the System Updates section of our Help Centre

As always, if you have any questions regarding any of our updates, please feel free to reach out to the team at [email protected]

Planning Updates

We've made a variety of different updates to our Planning module, enabling users to interact and update tasks quicker.

Single Tabs set

To utilise space within the Project page, we've moved the tabs that lived in the centre of the page (Task Groups, Tasks, History etc), so they are aligned with the others. We've also added a status header at the top of the page, giving you an overview of the RAG status, completion percentage and overall due date of the project, whatever tab you're on.

Kanban Board

Located in the Project Tabs, the Kanban board has been designed to allow for quick updates to both RAG statuses of tasks, as well as seeing more on an overall view of the project on one screen. Full details on how to use the Kanban board can be found here

Detail modal pop up

To save on extra clicks, we've added the detail modal to different sections within the planning module.

This means that if you click on a task, instead of being brought to the task details page, you'll be able to make updates to the task from the same page. The detail modal has been added to the following pages;

  • MyTrack Page

  • Calendar Page

  • Task Reports

  • Gantt View

[video-to-gif output image]

Other Planning Updates

  • If a project has been associated with an event within the system, this now shows within the projects list as a lozenge.

  • RAG update options now have an explainer next to them, indicating what each RAG status means (EG: On Track for Green)

  • We have add a 'Last Task Updated' column to reports, giving those receiving reports a quick overview of when the project was last worked on.

Run Sheets

As well as our recent table changes (details of which can be found here), we've added the following updates to the run sheets module;

  • There is now the ability to export a run sheet to excel

  • Users can now save an item upon pressing return/enter on their keyboard.

  • We've also added a new Run Sheet Header at the top of each run sheet, showing the venue/zone its been allocated to & in how many days it will be happening.

Run sheet Table View


Zone/Venue Functionality

To support multi venue/site operations, we've added the ability to enable a Zone/Venue focussed view for users. This particularly will be useful for Venue Managers, or roles that are stationed at one Zone/Area and need to see the incidents/logs that relate to where they are posted.

Once enabled and assigned to the user, this will mean that the person will see a focussed view of that area, and any items they raise (such as log items or incidents), will be automatically assigned to the zone.

[video-to-gif output image]

Incident ID on Incident card

We've also added the Incident ID to the incident card, meaning you dont need to hover over the title to see it, or click into the incident.

Retention of filters

To improve the user experience of navigating around the WeTrack system, we've implemented a first iteration of retaining filters (such as department, event filter etc). Once filters have been applied to the control module, they will stay intact even when the user does one of the following

  • access another part of the module (EG: PEAPS/Checklists)

  • access another module in the application (EG: Run Sheets)

  • refresh the page

Currently this work only applies to the Control module filters, there will be ongoing work for this to apply to other modules within the WeTrack suite also.

Other Updates

As well as all the exciting updates, we've made some changes/bug fixes as well, including;

  • 'Risk project' was appearing as 'Risk Venue' when filters were applied in Planning - this has now been updated

  • The title now appears correctly when sharing a run sheet with a user

  • Sorting by dates on the Risk Actions report was not applying correctly - this has been rectified

  • Editing a PEAP/Checklist once it had been scheduled didnt update the PEAP, it now checks for any changes before the PEAP is sent

  • There is now the ability to archive an evaluation from the three dots option

  • Various updates to the User Group functionality (ability to search and update a group primarily)

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