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Located within the Project tabs, the Kanban board gives you the ability to move and interact with tasks quickly. By default, the Kanban tab will display;

  • Tasks being sorted by RAG (This can be changed to Task Groups using the toggle to the left of the page)

  • A Search bar to quickly find tasks in this view

  • A ‘Group By’ dropdown - giving you the option to show the tasks grouped by the likes of Owner, Functional Area/Department etc.

  • Settings dropdown to enable/show the completion % of a task.

  • RAG headers (Grey/Red/Amber/Green) which are collapsible when clicking on the arrow to the right of the title

  • A full screen option at the top right of the screen

Viewing/Updating Tasks

Task Cards will be collapsed within this view by default, showing the main information such as Title, Start - Due Date and Owners.

To see an expanded view, simply hover over the card & click 'Show More'.

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  • By clicking on the three dots further options such as being able to open the task in a new tab will appear.

  • RAG statues can be updated by clicking on the RAG icon within the card, or double clicking on the card itself.

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Moving Tasks

Through a simple drag and drop, tasks can be moved from different RAG statuses or Task Groups

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Adding Tasks

By hovering over the end of a task list(as shown below), an 'Add New Task' option will appear, showing a pop up add task modal when clicked on.

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