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The User Groups functionality supports role based posts, as well as allowing groups of people to be updated in bulk by means of ownership of an item, or sharing it with the relevant people.

To set up User Groups, go to

  • Settings

  • Users and Departments

  • Users

  • Click on 'User Groups'

From here, you can start building the groups of users based on the list that has been added to the system.

  • To begin, click on the '+User Group' button, add a name (EG: Operations Team) and press save.

  • Once the group has been created, you can click into the group and select 'Manage Users'

  • This will show a modal of all users that have been set up within your WeTrack system where you can select which of the list you'd like to add.

Once Saved, these users will have been added to the user group created, but can be later removed through the same process.

NOTE: Users can be added to more than one group

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