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Updates 5th of May 2022: Run Sheet Table enhancements, User Groups and what's coming soon.
Updates 5th of May 2022: Run Sheet Table enhancements, User Groups and what's coming soon.
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We've been working hard over the last few weeks to make some great updates to our Run Sheets Table View, enabling users to see more information and make quick edits to the running order of the day/event with a similar view to Excel. The latest changes include;

  • Easy filtering for columns such as owners and departments, helping users/functional areas to see what is relevant to them quickly

  • Showing more items on a page, as well as full screen mode option

  • Quick add of items by right clicking or adding an item through the top of the page

  • Quick editing features - by clicking into a cell, users can quickly update cells such as the title, time owner, department/FAs and zones

  • Visual highlighting of priority item cells.

  • Page auto-scroll based on the time of day, to bring users straight to the items that are relevant now.

  • Exporting of run sheet to PDF straight from the same page as the table.

We'll be making further changes & improvements to this view over the coming weeks so if you'd like a demonstration, please get in touch with the team through [email protected]

User Groups

To better support shift changes and notifying groups of people in bulk, we're thrilled to be launching our User Groups feature.

Through the settings, users can now be placed into relevant groups such as departments, MOC users, Volunteers etc. A user can be added to more than one group, and groups can be determined by the organisation.

Then, through the following means, the group of users will be notified;

Incident Management

  • There is now the ability to assign an incident to a user group, notifying those in the group in bulk - perfect for during operations when there is regular shift changes

  • Incidents & Logs can now be shared with user groups, meaning less clicks when updating the right people

  • Groups can be set up as subscribers, being notified of changes without having to have the incident open.

This will be super useful for those that have downloaded the WeTrack App and want notifications whilst they are on the go. We will be expanding this feature across other modules shortly, so get in touch if you would like to know more!

Other Improvements

As well as the big changes outlined, we've also made some smaller enhancements across the different modules. Details of what else is coming is also below;

Planning/Project Management Gantt View

  • Fixes such as showing the avatar of a user on the Gantt view, as well as the ability to filter by tasks is now working.

  • Users can now group the Gantt View by owner and department correctly

  • If a task is overdue, this will be highlighted on the Gantt with a + number of days next to it.

  • 'Update Task' is now showing correctly when right clicking on the Gantt

The Rest

  • Location is now appearing correctly in the Map View page of the Control Module.

  • Within the export and update functionality, project filters can now be applied before exporting

  • We have been working on improving the item ID functionality, making the terminology and searching consistent across all modules. Previously this would have been referred to as 'ref code' across the system.

  • To improve speed issues that have been reported by some users, we've temporarily removed the ability to extract or filter by archived items. This will be reinstated shortly while a long term resolution has been applied, however if you need to access archived items in the meantime, please email our team on [email protected]


Over the next few weeks, we'll be planning to release exciting features across our different modules. Here is a summary on some of the bigger features to come.

Planning/Project Management

We will shortly be releasing the first iteration of our Kanban Board within the project details page. This view will allow those working on projects to have a better overall view of how its performing, as well as make task updates within same page.


We are currently working on an exciting feature to allow businesses,organisations and federations to track sustainability frameworks on a large/global scale. This will allow central users to set up a template across the different entities they would like to track and have a overall view of how different clubs/clients/departments are performing at a quick glance.

Incident Management and Run Sheets

While observing and receiving feedback from clients, we are developing a new feature which will mean users can be designated a venue or location to where they are working at. Once enabled, this will localise the view for the user, meaning by default, they will see the incidents, logs and run sheets that have been assigned to where they are working and have a more focussed view.

Should you wish to learn more about our different modules, or would like a demo, please get in touch with the team at [email protected].

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