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Updates 14th of April 2022: Sustainability enhancements and Report Sharing updates
Updates 14th of April 2022: Sustainability enhancements and Report Sharing updates
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Our latest set up updates primarily cover changes to our Sustainability module, as well as upgrades to how the report sharing functionality. If you would like to discuss these changes or have any further questions, please email the WeTrack team on [email protected]

Sustainability Module

Further enhancements to the Sustainability tracking module include;

  • Based on client feedback, we've added the ability to sort the indicator category page, both by alphabetical order and count

  • We've also added in a overall RAG summary to each indicator category that is listed, giving you a quick overview of how each category is performing.

  • There is now the ability to add attachments to updates, which is enables one central place for adding changes as well as attachment supporting documentation

Coming Soon!

We are currently working on some exciting functionalities to support large sustainability frameworks - perfect for federations, organisations and businesses who want to track their sustainability efforts on a wider scale. If you would like to find out more or chat to the team about how this could benefit your organisation, please get in touch with us!

Reporting updates

We've made some exciting changes to the reporting section for all modules! This includes;

Shared, Favourite and Suggested tabs

  • The ability to update the scheduling for a report straight from the Shared, Favourites and Suggested Tab

  • There is also the ability to download the PDF version of the report straight from this view

  • Should you need to shared a report immediately - there is new a quick add option for this also

Report Scheduling updates

We have updated the interface of our report sharing modal, making it clearer and easy to update and schedule reports. Enhancements to this view includes

  • PDF attachment is enabled by default

  • There is now the option to set up Custom Scheduling - this allows for better flexibility on match/show days, when reporting deadlines vary. Should you want to set up regular report scheduling (EG: senior management to receive a report every Monday at 8am), please see this guide

  • Summary section - giving those that are setting up various reports an overview of the settings before saving.

  • We have also made various updates behind the scenes to how report sharing is handled, giving a better, more consistent experience when reports are scheduled in bulk.

Other Updates

We have also made other updates to different modules, such as;

  • There is now the option to add zone & areas to task filter options within the Planning module

  • We've made styling updates to pdf extracts and reports that are sent from the system.

  • There have been several mobile view enhancements, for those making updates on the go

  • Insurance policies now need a title when they are being uploaded through the Risk Management module

We would love to hear what you think of these changes and any other aspect of WeTrack. Please contact us to speak to one of the team!

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