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Updates 24th of March 2022: Mobile App, Sustainability Dashboard & Control Updates
Updates 24th of March 2022: Mobile App, Sustainability Dashboard & Control Updates
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Our latest set of updates cover a wide range of changes in across our different modules. If you'd like to speak more about any of the updates outlined below, please get in touch with the WeTrack team.

Multifactor Authentication

In our latest set of updates, we've released the ability to enable Multifactor Authentication on an account setting basis. This enables organisations to have an extra level of security when users who have access to their WeTrack system log in.

By enabling MFA, users will be asked to enter a code which is sent to their email or mobile number, when they initially access the system. If you would like to speak to a member of the team to get more details on how this works, please email [email protected]

Mobile App

The newest version of the WeTrack Mobile App is now here, making the ability to add updates on the go even easier! Make sure to download via the Google Play or App store.

Sustainability Module

We're pleased to to be making great progress on our Sustainability Module in most recent weeks, making visible improvement additions, such as

  • Dashboard widgets and being able to set preferred views (as pictured below)

  • Checklists within Indicators, meaning they are being actioned in a structured, templated way

  • New layout of the achievements page, showing them grouped by indicator as well as in an ordered list

Should you want a demonstration of our new Sustainability Module, please get in touch with our helpful support team on [email protected] who can arrange a session for you!

Control Module

Share log items

We've now added the ability to share log items within the control module, making it easy to update others about key items that have been logged. Through the three dots menu on the list view, there will be the option to share the log item, where you can then enter the names of the users you'd like to update

This is great for when users on the go using the WeTrack App, but want to stay informed

Start time and duration in Incident list

To give a better oversight of how long an incident has been open for, we now display the start/created time as well as how long the incident has been open for on the incident card list.

The Rest

  • There were reports of the pinning of Tasks in the MyTrack page not always retaining - this has been resolved now.

  • Some issues with filters not clearing correctly on the projects page have been fixed

  • When double clicking on a task in the Project Gantt view. the modal was not always appearing. It will appear without fail now.

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