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Updates 10th of March 2022: Run Sheet Table & Export Functionality, Headline Status Editing and PDF Improvements
Updates 10th of March 2022: Run Sheet Table & Export Functionality, Headline Status Editing and PDF Improvements
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As well as putting the final touches on our new Sustainability Modules dashboard, we've been working on some exciting changes across the system. Details on each can be found below.

Should you want a demonstration of our new Sustainability Module, please get in touch with our helpful support team on [email protected] who can arrange a session for you!

Run Sheet Module

Run Sheet Table

Following feedback from our users, we've made an array of great changes to the Run Sheets Table, where its now easier and quicker to make updates or changes to the different fields. Similar to excel, you can easily click on a field to edit a section, where changes will then be stored automatically after pressing return/clicking out of the field.

Through this view, users can also see much more items on one page.

Run Sheet PDF Export

It is now possible to export the run sheet straight from the same page. Simply by clicking on the three dots at the top right of the run sheet item page, you can select 'Export to PDF' where the download will appear automatically.

Control Module

Headline status field appears when raising an incident

When raising an incident, it is now possible to include the headline status, so everyone monitoring the incident and incidents list, will have an overview of the main update.

Ability to edit headline status from the incident list

Instead of having to click into the incident to update the headline status, it is now possible to update it simply by clicking on the icon. Once clicked on, a pop up modal will appear, allowing the user to edit it quickly.


  • We have made significant changes to the PDF export that you can download from the reports tab which should make the PDFs easier to read

  • Within the Reports sharing module, it now separated into the different tabs so its quicker to find reports shared by you or the team, suggested and much more.

The Rest

There have been many other updates and improvements, including:

  • Our team have been busy working on the optimisation of the system, this is ongoing work we'll be focusing on in weeks to come

  • Users will now be asked if they're sure they want to leave the report building/edit page if they havn't saved their work

  • Projects with an overall status of BLUE (or complete) will now appear in the Gantt View

  • Report ordering for GRAB filters is now displaying correctly

  • The Run Sheet Calendar Text is now aligning

  • And many more smaller fixes and improvements.

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