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Updates 3rd of January 2022: Ref code visibility & Lozenge Updates
Updates 3rd of January 2022: Ref code visibility & Lozenge Updates
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As well as working on the final aspects of our new Sustainability module, this update consists of a few changes, primarily to the Control Module.

Control Module

  • Show what empty lozenges are on the incident list

Now, the fields on the incident card will show you what hasn't been filled out or added to the incident - so you can quickly add in the relevant information to track the progress of your incidents.

  • Show ref code as when hovering over title of incident

When hovering over the incident title in the incident list, the reference code will appear like so -

The Rest

There have been many other updates and improvements, including:

  • You can now import Run Sheets straight into the system which removes the need to create the run sheet before importing its details

  • We have included the name of the PEAP group in the scheduled email that is sent to the user, meaning its easier to check through the list of unread emails, should a list of PEAPS be assigned to you

  • Styling updates in the History section

  • The 'Sort/Edit' button within the Readiness tool was not always showing the updates made by the user, this has now been fixed

  • User profile photos weren't always showing when logged in, this has now been updated

We would love to hear what you think of these changes and any other aspect of WeTrack. Please contact us to speak to one of the team!


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