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Updates 17th of February: Run Sheet Imports, Reporting Changes and PEAP Group Email Updates
Updates 17th of February: Run Sheet Imports, Reporting Changes and PEAP Group Email Updates
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We've been working hard over the last few weeks to make the final tweaks to our new Sustainability Module as well as the new look and feel for our Run Sheets. As well as those exciting changes, we've released the following changes across the different modules;

Control/Incident Management

  • Include the name in the PEAP group/Checklist email

As requested by some of frequent users of our PEAPs module, the name of the Checklist group will appear within the email the user receives - to quickly check what checklist they are working on if multiple checks are assigned to them.


  • Updates to Report tabs

We have updated the Report tabs to allow users to quickly see the different sharing and favouriting settings, rather than having to click into the shared section and search for what they need.

From this view, you will now be able to see

  • Favourites - These are reports that have been created by you, and saved as favourites

  • Suggested - Reports created by you and others that have been saved as 'Suggested'

  • Shared with Me - Reports that are scheduled to be sent to you

  • Shared by Me - Reports that you have set up to be scheduled

  • All Shared - All scheduled reports in the system that have are active

  • Past Shared - Scheduled reports where the 'until' date has passed.

If you'd like to find out more about set up shared reports please see this guide

Settings and Imports

  • Add filters in User lists

If you'd quickly like to see which of your users are active/inactive or who has certain access rights, you can filter the list by the different roles and statuses by clicking on the column title;

  • Run Sheet Imports

Instead of creating a series of run sheets manually, there is now the ability to import them through our import setting. To set this up, simply head to the 'Import/Export' sections of your settings, select 'Run Sheets' from the import list and download the excel template!

We would love to hear what you think of these changes and any other aspect of WeTrack. Please contact us to speak to one of the team!

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