If some items in your daily run sheet require completion, or if you'd like to make other staff/users aware that an item has been actioned, there is the option to add a check box for an individual item. This can also be added to the reports created, giving you an overview of what was completed/not completed within a timeframe.

Adding a check box to an item

To add a checkbox to an item, simply click on the item within the default or tabular list and at the top of the pop up (to the right of the priority field), will be the 'Requires Completion' check box.

To enable a visible check box, tick this box and press SAVE.

To disable the check box, untick this box and press SAVE.

Items that are required to be checked within the Run Sheet List

When a check box has been added to an item, it will appear to the right of the item within the list

To mark the item as completed, simply click on the checkbox. This will then indicated that the item has been actioned

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