There are three priority levels when adding a run sheet item. This allows you to depict the importance of an item when adding or editing anything from the run sheet list. When a priority has been added to an item, it will appear as bold on the run sheet list & when extracting the items from the system.

Priority names can be edited in the settings, however by default they will appear as;

  • Level 1

  • Level 2

  • Level 3

Adding a Priority to a Run Sheet Item

To add a priority to an item, simply click on the item within the default or tabular list and at the top of the pop up (to the right of the title field), will be the priority options.

Using your mouse, you can set the level of priority for this item and press SAVE.

To remove a priority setting from an item, select the X next to the stars and press SAVE.

Priority Items within the Run Sheet List

When a priority has been added to an item, the item will appear as bold within the run sheet item list, and the level will be depicted to the right of the item title.

Cards View

Tabular View

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