To export a run sheet for the day, make sure to go through the following steps;

  • Go to the Reports section

  • Select 'Build a New Report' at the top of the page.

  • Within the 'What do you want to report on?' page, click on the Run Sheet option

  • Within the Run Sheet Type option choose 'Run Sheet Items'

  • Select the 'Build' option next to 'Items from Run Sheets happening today'

This will bring you to a page that looks like the below;

From here you can

  • Update the Name of the export in the Title section

  • Filter by your Venue. To do this select the + sign, choose Run Sheet Item Venue > Select your Venue

  • Filter by your FA. To do this, select + sign, choose Functional Area > Select your Functional Area (Please note multiple filters can be applied)

  • Add a description which will appear at the top of the report

  • You can also add another section, if you'd like to export 2 venues run sheets for example

Once you're ready to export, click Preview. By clicking Preview you should see three options in the top right of the page;

  • Export - Allows you to download the run sheet straight to your machine in either PDF or Excel format

  • Share - Here you can share the report that has been created with other users of the system via email

  • Save - This allows you to save this report as a template & as a suggested file in the reports section for other users. This means that when you need to download a run sheet again, you can use this template rather than building it from scratch.

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