Adding Times to your Run Sheet items
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When creating or editing a run sheet item, there is the option to add the item as a fixed time or a dependency.

Fixed Times are static, the item is not reliant on anything else within the schedule and can happen independently. To add a fixed time, simply choose the option and add the following;

  • Start Time: In a 24hr format, add the time this item is due to begin

  • On the day/day before/day after: Here you can depict when in relation to the date this item happens

  • End Time: This is where you can optionally add in an end time

The timings should look something like this;

Dependent Items are those that rely on another item or are linked to it, for example most items in a basketball game will be dependent on the beginning of the game.

To set up an item dependency, select the 'Time is dependent' option and add the following;

  • Dependent Item: This is the item that will be connected to the one you are creating/editing.

  • Item will start: Add the number of hours/minutes before or after the item you've selected above. This will be the start time of the item you are creating/editing.

  • Duration: Here is where you can add how long in hours and minutes this item will be.

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