This set of updates focuses on easily finding important information within the Planning and Checklist modules

Headline status on Projects

To get a better overview of how each project is performing, there is now the ability to add a 'Headline Status' to each project.

Similarly to how Headline Statuses operate in the IMS module, you and your team will be able to use this new functionality to getting a better understanding about each project without clicking into each one.

Read about how to start using this here.

New PEAPs/Checklist widgets

Within the PEAP Summary page, there are now two new widgets;

  • PEAPS in progress: a list of PEAPs/Checks that are currently being carried out

  • PEAPs not started: a list of PEAPs/Checks that have been sent to the designated user but no checks have been updated.


There have been other updates and improvements, including:

  • Within the Readiness Module, insurance policies can now be added from the details section. We have also rearranged the 'Add Capability' screen so the most important information is visible to the user

  • Newly added Tags and Events appear quicker.

  • General updates to the MyTrack page - displaying statistics & summaries correctly.

  • Better display within the Gantt chart if there are many tasks & tasks groups within a project.

  • General Importing fixes.

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