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Updates Monday 23rd August 2021: Tag Manager, Readiness & General Updates
Updates Monday 23rd August 2021: Tag Manager, Readiness & General Updates
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This set of updates focuses on changes to help you get the most out of the Tag Manager, Readiness lessons as well as other general updates

Tag Group Reporting and Changes

To enable more thorough reporting, you can now include Tag Group Columns within your different reports, which will then detail what tags each entity has been labelled with. This will help you identify how you & your teams are segmenting your projects, tasks and other aspects of the system, and as well as providing more data lead reports.

To support this new functionality and to simplify reporting within your different modules, the set up of tags within the Tag Manager has been adjusted slightly. Now, instead of seeing Whole System Tag Groups as well as Task Tags, Risk Tags etc (which could be troublesome when filtering by both), you'll see the different types of tags by default.

Please note that you can still have the same tag groups across the system, so for example 'Clients' as a tag group can be set up in Projects, Risks and Incidents.

If you'd like to set up Tags for filtering and reporting, you can do so by following this guide.

Readiness Improvements

We have been making lots of small changes to the Readiness module to help you to set up a readiness programme more efficiently, and to make life easier for those carrying out evaluations.

Lesson Details

Lessons learned while carrying out evaluations were not as easy to manage as you, or we, would have liked. You had to click into a separate page to update these lessons, and lost the context you were in the system. To improve this, we have moved lessons into an easy-to-use modal which allows you to view and update all the details of a lesson without leaving the page you are on.

Other Readiness Updates

Highlights of the other changes in the Readiness module are as follows:

  • Evaluation feedback checklists can no longer be updated if they come from a pre-defined template, ensuring that the responses to your evaluation questions will remain in a consistent format every time they are answered.

  • Speed improvements, especially around saving responses to evaluation feedback checklists and when adding/editing lessons - if you were seeing any duplication of these items previously, you shouldn't now.

  • Tags for Capabilities/Scenarios are now shown on details pages for all their evaluations.

  • The mobile version of the activities and evaluations lists and details pages have had several fixes and improvements.

General Updates & Improvements

There were also many other fixes, changes and improvements, including:

  • It is now possible to remove any filter straight from the header by clicking the red "X" on any applied filter lozenge (previously you had to click into it and remove them manually).

  • When assigning a task to someone and searching for their name in the list of users, you can simply click on the down arrow now instead of scrolling with your mouse/keypad.

  • A message will now pop up when changing a due date on a task from a date in the past to one in the future, reminding you that you need to change the RAG status as well.

  • When filtering by Subscriber Filter in the Projects & Tasks page it was incorrectly showing as 'Subscriber Owner', this is now displaying correctly

  • The scroll bar disappeared when assigning a long list of PEAPs to users, we can confirm it's now back

  • & signs are now showing in PDF reports correctly, as well as commas.

  • General fixes & updates to Project filtering, specifically when filtering by Primary Departments.

  • The User report now includes those that have yet to log into your WeTrack system when filtering by 'Last Login'.

We would love to hear your thoughts on any of these changes - please let us know what you think!

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