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Updates 21st July 2021: Calendar Integrations, PEAPs/Checks Scheduling, etc.
Updates 21st July 2021: Calendar Integrations, PEAPs/Checks Scheduling, etc.
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This set of updates focusses on integrating your WeTrack work into your daily schedules, as well as making it easier to schedule and send PEAPs / Venue Checks, as well as much more.

Google, Office 365 and iCal Calendar integration for tasks, risks and actions

We want WeTrack to more efficiently fit into the other tools you use for planning and productivity, and are working on several changes to make this happen. The first big update is a calendar integration that lets you see the start and end dates of your tasks, risks and actions in WeTrack in your own day-to-day external calendar.

We're created a detailed article to show you how to enable this integration from your preferences.

Once you've enabled the calendar feed from your preferences you'll also need to go to your calendar to add subscriptions for the item types you want to sync. These steps are also detailed in the support article.

Once you have finished, your tasks, risks and actions will appear in your calendar and will be synced with updates direct from WeTrack, depending on how frequently your calendar is set to update.

PEAPs / Checks - scheduling and assigning made easier

The ongoing improvements to the PEAPs / Checks module continues with some big changes to the process of scheduling and assigning groups of PEAPs to be sent before your events, venue openings, etc.

This process was previously split into 3 separate steps which have now been combined into one flow in which you can:

  • Link your group of PEAPs to an event and/or a date;

  • Schedule the sending time;

  • Choose whether to manually select PEAPs and assign users, or duplicate those settings from a previous group of PEAPs;

  • Assign users to the individual PEAPs so that all the checks can be carried out once they are sent.

There are also improvements to the layout of the PEAP Group list which should help you keep tabs on your scheduled PEAPs and those that were sent previously.

The Rest

There have been many other updates and improvements, including:

  • You are no longer obliged to have the lozenges for Owner and Department on Task and Sub-Task cards, meaning you have more control over what information you see and where.

  • Improvements to notifications, ensuring that subscribers to projects are properly notified about all the changes which matter to them, with additional fixes to notifications for risk owners too.

  • Improved filtering around when incidents were closed, as well as fixes to the incident report template for Incidents Closed Today.

  • Incident and log related tag groups were not always pulling through correctly on details pages and reports - this has been fixed now.

  • Optimisation around RAG updates being displayed properly - wherever you update a RAG on a task or a sub-task, the affected items should be updated in real time.

  • A fix on the extra row on reporting to ensure that when you select "Most Recent" in the Comments & History option, only the latest item is shown.

  • And many more smaller fixes and improvements.

We would love to hear what you think of these changes and any other aspect of WeTrack. Please contact us to speak to one of the team!

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