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Updates 6th July 2021: Speed, tweaks and fixes
Updates 6th July 2021: Speed, tweaks and fixes
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Updates went live this morning focusing on overall system speed as well as incremental improvement based on feedback received from you, our users. We are also in the the final stages of rebuilding WeTrack’s Run Sheets module and continue to make good progress on the Sustainability Tracking module, both of which will be released in future updates. If you would like a sneak peak of the new Run Sheets or Sustainability modules (or any other...), please contact us to speak to one of the team!

Speed Improvements

There have been performance improvements made in several places, but particularly around loading project and task details pages. We've also given a speed boost when loading sub-tasks and the MyTrack page. There is more to come here as we take a deeper look at performance and usability around the application. Version 3 has been live for 5 months now and your feedback and suggestions mean it can only keep improving, so please keep sharing!

Reports Updates

A couple of key changes to reports following your suggestions:

Sub-Task filter on the Tasks report

You now have the ability to show just tasks, just sub-tasks, or both, on the tasks report. Select the Task Type filter when in the report builder to make the most of this separation of data.

Removed Ref Code column from Sub-Tasks extra row

A couple of you suggested that the ref column on the sub-tasks report was not particularly useful. We had a look, we thought the same, and the column is gone! More concise and useful reports await, especially when combined with the Sub-Task filter mentioned above.

Incidents and PEAPs improvements

The Control module has been the focus of several changes, mainly fixes to make logging incidents and carrying out pre-event checks smoother:

  • A fix to make sure that incident categories and departments are properly shown on the Incident Pop-Up on the Map View.

  • Improvements to the Live Event switch to make sure it is retained on whatever page in the Incidents area you are working.

  • Updates to the quick add of incidents and logs to make sure newly added items appear where and how you want them.

  • PEAPs Summary red and amber lists are now sorted by the most recently updated by default; the other sort options are still available.

  • Changes to the PEAPs list to make sure that only Active PEAPs are displayed, even if you are returning from looking at a detailed PEAP page.

Other fixes and improvements

  • A permissions fix to ensure that Project Admin users can delete task groups, tasks and sub-tasks.

  • An issue around newly added tasks appearing when they shouldn't has been resolved on the MyTrack page.

  • Editing an applied filter on certain reports was leading to an error message... this is now resolved.

  • Sorting by the "updated date" column on certain reports is also resolved.

  • Some small fixes to email notifications.

  • Fixes to uploading attachments and assigning them categories.

  • When deleting a saved filter, the filter still appeared in the list until you closed the Saved Filters modal. This has been resolved.

  • And many more small improvements.

We would love to hear what you think of these changes and any other aspect of WeTrack. Feel free to get in touch with us!

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