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Updates 23rd June: PEAPs, Incidents and General Improvements
Updates 23rd June: PEAPs, Incidents and General Improvements
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Over the last month we have been busy focussing on the rebuild of our Run Sheets module, as well as kicking off the build of the new Sustainability Tracking module - we are very excited to show you these in the coming months!

As a result, this set of updates does not include big feature updates, but we have been busy making lots of smaller changes to improve usability and fix bugs around WeTrack.

PEAPs Updates

One area we have focussed on this month is the PEAPs / Venue Checks module. A new view for creating and editing PEAP / Checklist Templates makes it easier for you to add, remove and reorder Checkpoints.

The list of PEAP Templates has also been updated to make it easier to search for and update existing PEAPs, while there have also been fixes to the PEAPs Summary page to ensure you see all updates as they happen.

There are more changes on their way over the next few weeks to make assigning and sending your PEAPs / Checklists even easier.

Incidents Updates

With some events up and running again, and with several opening their doors to large crowds for the first time in a long time, we have also made some important changes to the Control module to make it easier for you to quickly add and update your incidents.

On the Incidents list, if you click on the "Sort/Edit List" button, you can now choose to show lozenges on Incident cards even when they are empty. What this means is that you will see a lozenge (one of those oval shaped things below the incident title that display information about the incident!) even if it does not have any data. So, if an incident does not yet have an owner (such as when you have quick added an incident) you can just click on the lozenge for owner and assign one without having to go to the incident details page.

This change means you can get more done straight from the list of incidents, hopefully saving you an important few seconds when the heat is on in the control room.

Other changes and fixes we have made in the Control module include:

  • Clicking on a Log item in the History page now opens that Log item's details modal so that you can see full details and make updates without leaving the history page.

  • A fix to ensure the Created By attribute on an incident is always properly populated.

  • Fixes to live updates to ensure you are seeing the most up to date information all the time.

  • A couple of tweaks to the Close Incident process to make it quicker and easier to use, especially on mobile.

  • A fix for an issue that sometimes showed duplicates of the same incident after you use the quick add function.

Other Improvements and Fixes

There have been many other improvements and fixes across the WeTrack system, including:

  • On the Tasks Export/Import template, you now see columns for both Project Title and Project Ref Code, to allow you to understand the context of your tasks better.

  • New filters: a filter for Project Department Category has been added to allow you to see all the projects led by departments within selected department categories, as well as additional relative date range options for Next 6 Months and Next Year on the date filters.

  • General Users can now add comments and updates to projects straight from the Projects List by clicking the More (...) button on the right of any project card, and selecting Add Update.

  • Some fixes to the Primary Department filter, including when editing an applied Primary Department filter, or when saving favourite filters which include Primary Department filters.

  • ...and many, many more small changes and fixes.

We would love to hear what you think of these changes and any other aspect of WeTrack.

Or, if you would like a sneak peak of the new Run Sheets or Sustainability modules (or any other...), please contact us to speak to one of the team!

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