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Updates 27th May 2021: Reporting Templates, AutoRAG Updates, etc.
Updates 27th May 2021: Reporting Templates, AutoRAG Updates, etc.
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This set of changes features some considerable improvements to reporting, a major update for Automatic RAG Update rules, finalisation of Readiness features and fixes, and plenty more.

Report Templates

While we hope that the reporting module allows for powerful and varied interrogation of the data you have in WeTrack, we know that it has not always been obvious how to produce the specific reports you need.

Report Templates make it easier for you to get to the data you might need. When you build a new report, you select the module you want to report on and then the report type, as before. However rather than then being taken to a report builder where you need to add in filters and settings manually, you are presented with a set of report templates with the most commonly used filter combinations for each report type.

From this list of report templates, you can either click "Build" to go to the report builder and add additional filters and settings, or click "Preview" to go straight to the preview of the chosen report template.

NOTE: You can still build custom reports for ALL items by selecting ALL TASKS, for example, and clicking "Build". This will take you to a report builder with no filters or other settings applied so that you can build your report from scratch.

Automatic RAG Updates: Date Restrictions

The next main change in this set of updates is around Automatic RAG Updates to tasks, and ensuring consistency of data when it comes to overdue tasks. Any task whose RAG status has been automatically updated to RED (based on the rules your account has, such as when it is 1 day past its due date) can now be locked as Red until it is completed.

This means that all tasks that are more than 1 day past due date (or whatever the rule for your account is) must stay red until they are completed. Users will not be able to change RAG for these tasks to anything but Blue unless they change the due date first.

Don't want to enforce this restriction?

If you are an admin user and don't want to enforce this restriction for your account, you can go to the Automatic RAG Update Rules section of the Planning Module Settings and switch it off, by unchecking the box at the bottom of that settings page.

Other Updates and Fixes

  • You can now update Capability Evaluation times by dragging and dropping Evaluations in the Readiness Calendar.

  • A new Evaluation Feedback report allows you to report on how responses to your evaluation feedback checklists have fared across your readiness programme. See how often questions have been responded to, along with a breakdown of the responses each has received.

  • Tags can now be up to 80 characters in length and PEAP checks up to 250 characters in length, following your feedback.

  • A filter for Task Priority has been added so that you can filter by this attribute in task lists and reports.

  • A fix to date editing for sub-tasks in the Gantt: these changes are now properly reflected in those sub-tasks' parent tasks and projects.

  • There was an issue with Project overall RAG statuses showing incorrectly in some places (such as in reports) - this has been fixed now.

  • You can now add attachments through the add incident modal, as before.

  • If you have rearranged column ordering on a report and then choose to export that report to XLSX, the column ordering is now retained on your spreadsheet export.

  • The history report now runs much more quickly, as do reports on which you choose to show Comments & History in the extra row.

  • The Incidents Map was showing ALL incidents (including Closed incidents) - we have fixed this so that only OPEN incidents are shown on the map now.

  • well as plenty more small fixes and improvements.

We would love to hear what you think of these changes and any other aspect of WeTrack. Please contact us to speak to one of the team!

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