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Updates 29th April 2021: Readiness Dashboards, Document Manager, and Importer Updates
Updates 29th April 2021: Readiness Dashboards, Document Manager, and Importer Updates
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The next phase of work on the rebuilt Readiness module goes live in the form of two dashboards, along with a rethink of how attachments are seen in WeTrack, and much more.

Readiness Updates

Central monitoring of a Readiness Programme is now even easier with two new dashboards which allow you to get an idea of progress either across all your testing activities, or to see how a particular day of testing is going.

The Live Tracker in the Readiness module gives you a view of the evaluations happening on a particular day of activities so that you have a headline view of which evaluations are failing, at which venues, and why.

The Readiness Dashboard gives a more global view of your Readiness Programme, providing statistics and charts which show how testing has gone so far, with breakdowns by department, capability type and more, alongside what is upcoming and remaining.

Other changes in the Readiness module include improvements to the Readiness Calendar, which now lets users quickly navigate between date views for Activities and hour-by-hour views of the Evaluations happening at those Activities, as well as a way of updating Evaluations in bulk for an Activity.

Document Manager and Attachments

The first phase of work on document management in WeTrack was to improve the look and feel of the Document Manager and attachment lists.

Other than easier navigation and a clearer layout, this change also means you can now download multiple documents and search or filter your lists and categories more easily.

Importing Formatted Text

Where WeTrack supports formatted text, such as in item descriptions, Additional Info on Risks & Issues, or Expected Results on Capabilities, your import templates can now contain basic formatting which will be retained after import. Great for migrating from spreadsheets without losing all those hours of design work!

Other Fixes and Improvements

There have been many other small improvements and fixes to make using WeTrack better, including:

  • A switch to control whether you see All History or Just Comments on any history feed;

  • Language customisation fixes around Projects;

  • Milestone terms not displaying properly in some places;

  • Settings updates and fixes, including around locations and events;

  • and much more...

User feedback makes us better... We would love to hear what you think of these changes and any other aspect of WeTrack. Please contact us to speak to one of the team!

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