When a user carries out an evaluation at an activity, the key result is a headline GRAB status, of Failed, Partial, or Passed. However, you can also set up feedback checklists for the users to fill in while they carry out the evaluation, to inform upon that headline GRAB result, and to generate relevant lessons and necessary actions from the evaluation.

To create these feedback checklists (if you are an admin user), click on your avatar in the bottom left-hand corner of any WeTrack page and navigate to Settings > Readiness > Checklists. Then follow these steps to create checklists that you can later apply to any evaluation(s).

  1. Create a New Checklist. Give it a title, and select whether it should apply to every evaluation that is carried out.

  2. Then, add a New Item to that checklist. Add a title and optional description. You then have four response types to choose from:

    1. Mark as Complete: users will simply have to check a box to mark off this item from the checklist;

    2. Text Response: users can type in a response to this item;

    3. Fail / Unsure / Pass: users will have to select one of these three options for the item;

    4. Poor / Fail / Good: users will have to select one of these three options for the item.

  3. You can select the item to be Starred, meaning that it must be completed before the evaluation can be given a GRAB status.

  4. Now, in an Evaluation Details Page, you can click 'Add Item' in the Evaluation Feedback tab and select 'Add Items from a Template', to select the checklist you just created. You can also create new items here.

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