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Completing Evaluations and Providing Feedback
Completing Evaluations and Providing Feedback
Carrying out your readiness evaluations
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WeTrack's Readiness module is based on completing evaluations at certain activities and providing results, out of which can come lessons to be learned and actions to be taken. Follow this step-by-step guide to complete evaluations at an activity.

  1. To begin completing evaluations, first go to the Activities List, and click on the Activity that you are at.

  2. Click on the Evaluations tab in the second half of the page, and select the first Evaluation. This will take you to the Evaluation Details page, where you will see all of the detail for that evaluation, as pictured above.

  3. Select 'Start Evaluation' in the top right-hand corner to begin filling in results. The status of the Evaluation will change from 'Not Started' to 'Active'.

  4. View the 'Evaluation Feedback' tab in the second half of the page. Here you will find any feedback that you are required to provide for this evaluation. See how to schedule evaluations and create feedback forms here.

  5. Once you have completed all mandatory feedback, you can update the Evaluation's GRAB status. Click on the 'shield' icon and select between Red (Failed), Amber (Partial) or Blue (Passed). Once you have selected the result, the status of the evaluation will change to 'Submitted'.

  6. If necessary, you can also select a Severity score from the drop-down, to be compared against the Expected Severity for that capability.

  7. You can then go to the Lessons & Actions tab to create any lessons or actions resulting from the evaluation. View this article to learn more about that process. Go to the Attachments tab to upload any necessary documentation for the evaluation.

  8. Then, viewing the side panel on the left-hand side of the page, click on the next scheduled Evaluation, and repeat the process.

That's it! You have completed your evaluations. Now you can either navigate to the next Activity that you will be attending, or go to the Actions tab to view the follow-up work assigned to you.

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