Readiness in WeTrack is based on testing certain capabilities at certain activities, in evaluations. These Evaluations produce GRAB results. Before an Evaluation, users can input an Expected Severity score and free text for an Expected Result, both to be cross-referenced once the evaluation is complete.

Expected Severity

When a capability is evaluated, this is the severity of the response that is expected. This can then be compared with the actual severity of the response for each evaluation. Expected Severity is graded from 1 to 5 and is inputted in the Capability Details Page. For example, if you are checking that a fire alarm is working correctly, that should be treated with a high severity.

Expected Results

Before a capability is evaluated, you can input Expected Results on the Capability Details Page. This Expected Results field is free-text and allows you to describe in detail what you would expect to happen when an evaluation is carried out for that capability. This text carries across to the Evaluation Details Page.

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