In WeTrack's Readiness module, an evaluation is the testing of a single capability at an activity. This can be scheduled at a particular time and assigned to an individual, and the result is a GRAB rating for the Capability at the Activity.

To find your Evaluations, click on 'Activities' in the left-hand sidebar to bring up the Activities & Evaluations homepage, and then click on 'Evaluations'. Here you will find a list of your Evaluations and their current status.

This sortable, filterable list of evaluations will show information such as:

  • The title of each evaluation;

  • The activity at which it will be carried out;

  • The time at which it is scheduled to begin;

  • Any action owners responsible for its completion;

  • Any lessons and actions resulting from a completed evaluation;

  • The status of the evaluation. This could be Not Started, for any evaluation that hasn't yet been started, Active, for any evaluation that is currently in progress and for which feedback can be inputted, or Submitted, for any evaluation that has received feedback and been given a GRAB result.

  • You can also view any attachments or comments, as well as clicking on the three dots on the right-hand side of an evaluation card to add or subscribe to updates, share it with a team member, or archive or delete the evaluation.

At the top of a list is a GRAB breakdown of your evaluations, allowing you to click directly into a list of evaluations of a particular GRAB result.

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