MyTrack is your personal hub of the WeTrack system, showing key information for the module you are in. In the Readiness module, it provides a quick overview of your evaluations and actions, enabling you to do a large amount of your work directly in MyTrack.

At the top of this view is a statistics area, showing you a count of your Unsubmitted Evaluations, your Upcoming Evaluations, your Open Actions, and your Capabilities (broken down by GRAB status).

The rest of the view consists of four widgets:

  • My Unsubmitted Evaluations: a list of your past evaluations for which the status is not submitted;

  • My Upcoming Evaluations: a list of your evaluations in the next 30 days for which the status is not submitted;

  • My Open Actions: a list of all actions assigned to you with a status of draft, active or slipped;

  • My Personal Checklist: a personal to-do list, which is the same across every WeTrack module.

If you are using multiple WeTrack modules, the toggle at the top of the page allows you to switch to a different MyTrack view.

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