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Updates 25th March 2021: Primary Departments, Subscriber Filter, New Import Types, etc.
Updates 25th March 2021: Primary Departments, Subscriber Filter, New Import Types, etc.
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This set of updates adds some important ways of distinguishing between the people responsible for carrying out work in WeTrack, and those involved in it.

Primary Departments

When multiple departments or teams are working on something together, it can be useful to specify which is the lead or primary department, and which others are contributing but do not have final responsibility for it. In WeTrack, anywhere you can have multiple departments assigned to an item (whether on a task, risk, capability or incident) you can now specify which is the primary department.

To set a department, team or functional area as primary when you are adding or editing an item, simply click the star on the lozenge that appears after selecting the department from the list.

This star will turn blue and the department name will become bold, and once you apply the changes that department will be marked as primary, making it clearer to everyone which team is leading on delivery of this item.

You may find it useful to use primary departments for the following reasons:

  • Primary departments will always be listed first on cards, meaning you will always see who holds overall responsibility for an item at first glance;

  • When applying a filter for a department, you can choose to just see the items for which that department is primary.

Get in touch if you have any questions about how to start using this new feature, or if you aren't sure how it might apply to you.

Subscriber Filters

Subscribing to updates for items allows you to keep up to date with progress on items that you aren't responsible for but that might affect your work in some way. Until now it has been easy to see the items you own in WeTrack but not the items you have subscribed to. The new Subscriber Filter allows you to filter any list to see just the items you have subscribed to, allowing you to unsubscribe where necessary, check statuses or add updates and make changes if necessary.

New Import Types

To help with account set up and onboarding, as well as with sweeping organisational updates (which can happen to all of us!), the following import types have been added to WeTrack:

  • Department Categories

  • Zones

  • Areas

The Zone and Area imports might be useful if you are looking to benefit from the wider availability of location mapping functionality in WeTrack. If you think your projects, tasks and risks might benefit from being linked to locations or areas of your site, please get in touch.

Other updates and improvements

There were also many other fixes, changes and improvements, including:

  • Speed improvements around deleting items, especially deleting projects with lots of tasks;

  • Sub-Task RAG updates now display the resultant RAG update in the parent Task immediately;

  • Easier to use dropdowns when adding and editing items - you won't now see a complex search dropdown where you don't need to;

  • % Complete is now included as a field on Task import and export;

  • Fixes to filters on the History report and other reports, as well as to Tag filters generally;

  • Several fixes to the PEAP/Check assignment and sending process, as well as to ensure that the PEAP/Checklist you see is the one you wanted to see!

We would love to hear your thoughts on any of these changes - please let us know what you think!

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