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Update 14th April 2021: Suggested Filters, Permissions, and Risks Updates
Update 14th April 2021: Suggested Filters, Permissions, and Risks Updates
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The main focus of this update is on making sure it is even easier to find the information you need in WeTrack!

Suggested Filters

While you could already create varied combinations of filters and save those filters to your favourites for easy access, we knew that there was more we could do to give you quick access to view and update your tasks, projects, risks, incidents and evaluations.

In the My Filters area at the top of the page you will now find a list of Suggested Filters for the different modules in WeTrack. Click "My Filters" in the header and select the "Suggested" option to see these quick filtering combinations.

Permissions Overview

Not sure what you are allowed to see and update in WeTrack? The "Permissions" page in your personal settings area now gives you a comprehensive overview of which modules you can access, and what roles and permissions you have in each of those modules.

Just click on your avatar / profile picture in the bottom of the menu and click "My Preferences" to access these settings pages.

Risks and Issues Improvements

It is now easier to see the risk profile for a project straight from the Projects & Tasks list. On any project card, just click any of the Risks, Issues or Opportunities lozenges to see the number of items of each RAG Status, and click through to see a filtered list of just the items of each RAG status.

The icon on these lozenges will always be coloured with the highest RAG status of any item within that project. For example, if a project has 3 green risks and 1 red risk, the icon will be red, meaning that you can quickly see which projects in the list have the highest severity risks, issues or opportunities.

The Actions List on any risk, issue or opportunity details page also has some useful updates. You can now control which actions appear, using the Status and Type controls to only show the actions you want to see.

So if you have separate Mitigation and Avoid action plans for a risk, it is now possible to see those plans in isolation, depending on the current strategy for dealing with that risk.

Other updates and improvements

There were also many other fixes, changes and improvements. We would love to hear your thoughts on any of these changes - please let us know what you think!

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