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Update 1st February 2021: WeTrack V3 goes live!
Update 1st February 2021: WeTrack V3 goes live!
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We are very excited to release a huge new upgrade to the WeTrack project and risk management system - 3 years in the making and finally launched this past weekend.

It's a massive boost for us, with simpler editing, better filters and faster loading to improve every WeTrack module, and a whole new projects and risks module with a series of changes. It has all been designed and built so that our fantastic clients get even more value out of using WeTrack, while spending a lot less time doing so.

Here's a quick look at what's new.

  • MyTrack: we've made big improvements to each user's personal hub in the WeTrack system, so that you can more easily keep on top of your most pressing work. It provides a better overview of your work, with overdue, upcoming, pinned and personal items, letting you view, edit and collaborate on your most important work.

  • Reports: we've made it easier to build, layer and share reports - and we've made them load faster, too. It is now simpler to create your bespoke reports, and you have more control over making sure the right information is distributed among your team at the right time.

  • Notification Centre: this new area gives you much better oversight of any changes that affect you, drawing your attention to and letting you deal with what's important. You can communicate better with your team, with new @ mention functionality, and cut down on emails by viewing important changes in-app.

  • Inline Editing: the new key premise of editing in WeTrack is that anywhere you can see a piece of information, you can edit it. Update RAG statuses, titles, dates, action owners and more in just a couple of clicks, enabling you to keep your work up-to-date while saving you time.

  • Dependency Management: we've made this even clearer and easier so that you can keep on top of other items that might affect your work. You can now link any item to another, across projects, tasks, risks and more, so that you know when something changes that impacts you.

  • Risk, Issue and Opportunity Management: we've added a lot of new functionality to our risks module, including opportunity management, a customisable risk matrix, improved strategy and action tracking, and insurance policies. This will enable our users to manage risk with the level of complexity that fits their organisation.

There are also changes to the toolbar, sidebar and filters across every WeTrack module. We are working on big improvements to our other modules and look forward to sharing those with you when they are ready.

We would love to hear your thoughts on any of these changes - get in touch to let us know what you think!

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