WeTrack relies on varied permission controls to allow admin users to decide what information can be viewed and what actions can be performed by members of their team. To change a user permission, click on your avatar in the bottom left-hand corner of any WeTrack page, navigate to Settings > Users & Departments > Users, and select a particular user.

When viewing a particular user, the right-hand side of the page lists the see and edit permissions for that user in each module.

In the Control module, you have the following options:

  • Can Access Control Module: tick if the user should be able to access this module.

  • Control Admin: users with this role can archive and delete incidents and logs.

  • Can Access PEAPs: tick if the user should be able to access PEAPs within this module.

  • PEAPs Controller: users with this role will be able to see the PEAPs Summary and PEAPs List in the left-hand menu, edit and update PEAPs and Checks within these two pages, and add and remove PEAPs subscribers.

This section is then in three parts. The first relates to Incident and Log Items, with the following two options:

  • User Can See: here, choose whether the user can see every item, or only items assigned to their department.

  • User Can Edit: here, choose whether the user can see every item, only items assigned to their department, or no items at all.

The final section relates to Confidential Incidents. There are ten levels of Confidential Incidents and access can be restricted to each of these separately, for all users. Here, there is a dropdown where each of the options can be checked to allow the user to see and edit incidents at each privacy level.

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