Using the Gantt

What you see when you open the Gantt

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Projects display on the left. Click the + side on the right side of the page to add a new project into the list (at the top) and to add a task group or task directly into a project.

Click the – to return to Task Group or Project view. You can also expand everything by clicking the ‘three lines’ symbol on the right-hand side of the screen.

Double-click on Tasks to see more information, and then click ‘View Task Details’ to go through to the task details page.

Milestone Tasks are denoted by a flag in the Task List and a diamond shape on the Chart, while Task Dependencies are shown by orange lines between Tasks. Task RAGs are shown as colours on the Gantt Chart bars, as are overall RAG statuses for Projects.

The dates (of a Project, say) reflect the earliest to latest dates included within that Project. Dates can also be changed within the Gantt. You can drag a task bar to the left or to the right to move both its start and due dates earlier or later, or you can hover over and drag either end of the task bar to increase the duration of the task.

Changing the view

The default zoom level is to Quarters. This can be changed in the ‘Gantt Options’ bar, to Days, Weeks or Months. Gantt Options is found by clicking the ‘three dots’ on the right-hand side of the screen.

The side menu can be hidden, or you can go full screen. This makes the Gantt a proper visualising timeline tool and allows you to do your work straight from it.

Use the button in the top-left to hide the WeTrack Sidebar; click the arrow in the Gantt to hide the Title and Dates detail; or use the square on the right-hand side of the screen to make the Gantt full-screen.

You can select ‘Expand All’ in the ‘Gantt Options’ bar, to view all Task Groups, Tasks and Milestones; you can also expand all by clicking the ‘three lines’ symbol on the right-hand side of the screen.

In 'Gantt Options', you can edit the rows and columns that you can see in the chart, and you can also restrict the visible date range.

NOTE: When using WeTrack on tablet or mobile, the Gantt Chart view is disabled.

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