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Building a report for the first time

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To create a new report, click ‘Build New Report’ in the top right-hand corner of the Reports homepage (which you can find towards the top of the left-hand sidebar).

When Building a new Report, you first need to choose what it is you want to report on. Choose the module that you wish to view data for (e.g. Planning), and then choose a data type (e.g. Tasks). If you want to build a report with multiple sections, then you would repeat this short process for every section that you add. At this point, you can choose a pre-built template (e.g. Tasks Due in Next 30 Days), or choose the filters yourself.

You then build this Section of your Report, inputting the following information:

Section Title: Simply type into the box to create a Title for this section of your Report. Make it distinct!

Filters: You have a whole range of Filters to select from. Simply click ‘Add Filter’ to bring up the list of filters. Click on the desired Filter, select any information type, and click ‘Apply’ to add it as a filter. You can then click the ‘+’ to add further filters, or the ‘x’ to remove the applied filters.

Edit & Sort Columns: This allows you to choose what information is visible in your report, and in what order. Choose which information types are displayed in the report, in what order the columns should appear in, and how the information within the report should be sorted. You can also reset to the default settings for the report type which you have selected.

Extra Row: Depending on the report type, you can choose to display an extra row, such as dependencies, sub-tasks, actions, comments, history and much more.

Description: In this box you can type text which will appear before this section of the report. This text is specific to this section of the report rather than the report as a whole. [Note: If you Save or Export an entire report, you will have the option to put in an overall Title and Summary.]

Your section is ready to go! Click ‘Preview Section’ to load it immediately, or ‘Add Section’ to build another section for your report. Once you have multiple sections, you can view and edit each one using the toggles towards the top of the page, or re-order them using the side panel to the left of the page.

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