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Introduction to Tables - reports in WeTrack
Introduction to Tables - reports in WeTrack

The main report type in WeTrack

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Welcome to WeTrack’s primary report type, Tables! At your disposal are a wide range of intuitive and interactive Tables that offer a powerful and exciting way of viewing and comparing information from your WeTrack system.

Tables look like this:

Users can build personalised Tables on anything, across the different modules in WeTrack system: from Departments, to Tasks, to Incidents, to general System Activity, and much more. Sets of filters allow you to hone your Table to your exact preference, and only display information that you desire. Favourite Tables can be saved and suggested to other members of your team.

Tables can be downloaded as PDF or XLSX files (the XLSX files are unformatted data files that can be viewed in Excel or other spreadsheet applications) as well as sent automatically by email as regularly as you choose.

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