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Creating a Report with multiple sections
Creating a Report with multiple sections

Layering multiple sections of a report

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The WeTrack Reporting module allows you to create and move easily between multiple sections of the same report in one view. This could be useful as a comparison tool or to combine separate reports into one PDF output.

Build your first Report as you normally would in the Report Builder, before clicking ‘Add New Section’ at the bottom of the page. This will allow you to immediately Build another section to your Report. At any time you can Preview a section of your Report and then return to the builder to add more.

Simply click ‘Edit Previous Section’ or ‘Edit Next Section’ at the top of the page to toggle through the various sections of your report. On the preview page there are ‘View Previous Section’ and ‘View Next Section’ toggles in the same place on the page.

You can then export an individual section of a report to XLSX or PDF, or export the entire report to PDF. Learn more about that here.

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