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Within the Reports module are five sub-sections: Favourite Reports, Suggested Reports, Draft Reports, Shared Reports, and Build New Report.

Favourite Reports lists the reports that you choose to save for yourself. The option to save a Report as Favourite is available once you have built and previewed a Report, by clicking “Save” in the top right-hand part of the screen.

Click on a report to view it, or click on the 3 dots on the right-hand end of the row to have the following options:

  • View: select this to view the report.

  • Edit: select Edit to go into the report builder. Once you have made changes you can overwrite the existing report or save it as a new favourite report.

  • Delete: select Delete to remove the report from your favourites.

The next tab holds Reports Suggested by your team. This is a very useful tool for the internal sharing of Reports. Admin users can suggest reports for you to see. From this tab, you can preview, edit or delete the report, as well as adding it to your own favourites.

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