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Managing your incident management system

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One of the most popular aspects of WeTrack’s new Incident Management system is the level of configuration possible. This can be done in Incident Settings, available to admin users from the sidebar.

The options available for customisation are detailed here:

  • Severity Scale Guide: View the guide as a key to understanding Incident severity, or edit the guide's terminology to your and your team’s preference.

  • Default Incident Location: Choose whether to have a default location for all Incidents created, and if so, set that location here.

  • Slack Integration: Set up an integration with the Slack communication platform here.

  • Channel Manager: Enable or disable the use of Channels for your event control, and, if enabled, set up your different Channels here.

  • Incident Confidential Types: Set up and name your different types of confidential incident here.

  • Incident Categories: Create and update a list of categories to choose from whenever creating a new Incident.

  • Checklists: Set up checklists that can be applied to particular incident categories here. Learn more about incident checklists here.

We also recommend reading our articles on our Events Manager - which allows you to set an 'event' live in the Control module when event day arrives - and Location Manager - which allows you to set a series of locations to which you can apply items.

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