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Setting up your events in WeTrack

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Within WeTrack you can now create Events as their own items, rather than as tags or projects, etc. Add a list of events, set their date(s), categorise them and give them other details. You can then link these to tasks, projects and risks in the planning phase, capabilities and activities in the readiness phase, and then choose whether to set the events to be "Live" when their dates arrive, which allows the Control module to be fixed to one of those Events. This will allow for all information added to relate to the selected Event, as well as give you a filtered view which only shows data and attributes specific to the Event.

Events Manager (Admin Settings)

The Events Manager (found towards the bottom of the Admin Settings area) allows for the creation, modification and deletion of Events, as well as monitoring which are completed, live, etc.

When adding a new event, you have the option of entering the following details:

  • Event Title*

  • Event Date(s)*

  • Event Category (created and managed in the separate area of Admin Settings)

  • Set Live option - choose whether you want the Event to be set "live" when its dates arrive. This will restrict information in the Control module to that event, as described below.

  • Dashboard Widget Settingsthis allows you to pre-set the Dashboard Info Widget details for the specific event, so that those details then show up on the dashboard when the event is selected. So if, for example, you know who the Safety Officer is going to be for a certain event, you can pre-plan that here and know that the Control dashboard will be updated when that event goes live.

System View

Once an event has been “Set Live”, the view in the Control module changes to be focused entirely on that event. What this means is:

  • All Incidents, Logs, Run Sheets, and Run Sheet items added will automatically be related to that event.

  • Only Incidents, Logs, Run Sheets, and Run Sheet items related to the Live Event will be visible.

  • There will be a permanent “filter” showing that you are in a Live event and indicating that everything you see and add relates to that event.

  • Users can still use this Event switcher to change to another Event (to see historically what happened etc) - when in another event you are adding and seeing only stuff for that event.

Users can switch to see ALL EVENTS – adding new items in this mode does not automatically populate an event for those new items.

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