Channels for Incidents and Logs

Dividing your incident management into relevant channels

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In Event Control it is sometimes the case that team members need a focussed view of only the Incident and Log items they have created, or that affect them. This might be useful when using separate radio channels, for example, with one loggist assigned to each Channel. This functionality allows those loggists to see and update only the Channel they are working on, without the "noise" of activity happening elsewhere in the control room.

Setting up Incident Channels

To set up Incident Channels, admin users can go to the Incidents section of the Settings area, and select Channel Manager. You can then check the box to enable or disable Channels and then update the settings to match your requirements. The settings you can control are:

  • The number of Channels to be used: you can choose how many Channels will be used, up to a maximum of 10. This can be increased or decreased as needed, depending on the size of your events.

  • Channel names: Choose the names of Channels to reflect the terminology used in your control room. These names will be retained for future events but can be changed at any time. The default names are Channel 1, Channel 2, etc.

  • User(s) per Channel: To allocate specific users to each Channel, select them from the User dropdown within each Channel section. Users selected here will be automatically assigned to their Channel when logging into the Incidents module.

Using Channels in the Control Room

Once Channels have been set up and your event is live, Channels are ready to be used.

If you have been assigned to a Channel, you will automatically have your view set to that Channel when you login to the Incidents module. You will only be able to see Incidents or Log items raised within that Channel and will only be able to add and edit items within that Channel.

You will see an indication of the Active Channel you are working in at the top of the screen, next to the filters.

All users, including those that are assigned to a specific Channel, can switch to other channels by clicking the Channel button and selecting another Channel. Be careful: if you switch Channel then everything you see or add will be within that Channel. This means that loggists can help each other by adding items to their Channels when things get busy.

This also enables Admin users to switch between different Channels and check traffic in each, or select "All Channels" to view activity across all Channels. Adding Incidents or Log items within this "All Channels" view will make the items you add visible across all Channels.

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