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what3words Integration in Location Mapping
what3words Integration in Location Mapping

Precise location mapping with what3words

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what3words provides a way of describing a location when other ways are not possible, such as when you are in a large crowd in an open space, with no obvious landmarks. The what3words team have mapped the whole planet into 3m x 3m squares, with each square given a unique address in the format ///pies.area.slate (the address of the WeTrack office in London).

WeTrack's integration with what3words allows users of the Incidents module a precision around the logging of incident location that was not possible previously. When reports of an incident come in to control, if the report includes a what3words address (the system is increasingly used by Blue Lights teams around the world), then the person logging the incident can just search for that 3 word address and pinpoint where exactly the incident is happening.

When adding a location to an incident, you can search for a specific what3words address to input as your location:

Also, when you drag and drop a pin to a new location, the system will automatically identify the what3words address.

Also, when editing an incident's location in the details page, select the square icon to the right of the map to divide the view into the 3m x 3m grid. This allows you to pinpoint your location extremely precisely.

This allows someone on the ground who is sent to deal with an incident to easily find the precise location when given the 3 word address by Control, even if this is location is in a large open space (such as a field at a music festival).

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