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Locations and Map View in Incident Management
Locations and Map View in Incident Management

Precisely mapping your incidents

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WeTrack's incident management system has three main ways of viewing your organisation or event's Incidents: the Dashboard, the Incident list, and the Map View. These can be found in the left-hand sidebar. This article will focus on the Map View.

Location mapping is an integral function within WeTrack's new, improved Incident Management System. This allows you to map an incident to a precise pin-drop location within any pre-defined zone at a venue. This precise location mapping has been boosted by our integration with what3words.

When adding an incident, the Location tab allows you a number of options to ensure that your team know exactly where an incident has occurred:

  • Add Zone(s) and Area(s): Choose a zone and / or area from a pre-defined list, which can be built in the Location Manager in Settings. The location pin will be automatically dropped into the centre of that zone, and you are then free to drag it to an exact spot.

  • Use my Location: If you have given your web browser the necessary permissions, you can add an incident at your exact location, by clicking the ‘target’ icon in the top left-hand corner of the Map widget.

  • No Location: If adding a location is unnecessary, you can skip this step.

  • Search and Pin-Drop: Search an address to narrow down the location, zoom/adjust the map accordingly and then drag a pin to the precise location where the incident occurred. You can now search for a what3words address or a Google Maps address by selecting from the drop-down next to the search bar.

You can view the precise location of any incident in the Incident Details Page, by navigating to the second tab in the top half of the page, ‘Location’. To edit an incident’s location in the Details Page, click ‘Edit Location’ below the map view. This will bring up the following modal which allows you to edit the zone, area or location assigned to the incident.

As well as viewing the precise location of any incident, you can view all of your incidents on the Map View. Here your zones and incidents are mapped, allowing a full overview of your IMS. Alternatively, you can filter incidents by zone, or filter by location by zooming in on a particular part of the map.

Click on a cluster of pins to zoom in to see that collection of incidents.

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