The Incident Dashboard

Overview your event control with summary dashboard widgets

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WeTrack's incident management system has three main ways of viewing your organisation or event's Incidents: the Dashboard, the Incident list, and the Map View. These can be found in the left-hand sidebar. This article will focus on the Dashboard.

At the very top of the page you have Filters, which enable you to filter the information in the views below down to the information you need to see (‘Add Filter’), as well as saving filters that you wish to use again (‘My Filters’). Just choose what you want to filter by and click Apply Filters to see the detail that fit into the parameters you have chosen. The varied filters will allow you to sort the Dashboard to show exactly what you need.

  • The daily status of your event control centre, at the top of the page, displays customisable daily information for your Control Room - all of these fields are customisable in the settings area under Dashboard Info Widget.

  • The Incident Severity Breakdown shows a chart summary of Incident Severity across different parameters, such as Department or Incident Category. Clicking on a section of the chart will take you through to the incident list, filtered to that severity and parameter.

  • The Top Incidents widget shows incidents with the Highest Severity, those Recently Added, and those Recently Updated, across the three tabs.

  • An Activity feed is displayed showing the most recent changes to incidents in your system.

  • A weather widget with different views (map, forecast and daily detail), for which you can set up multiple weather locations in the settings area.

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